no safety or surprise

dies irae, dies illa

Just got some good news about a leadership position with a Seattle medical organization for the homeless, so excited! Next step, start the process of becoming a licensed Spanish medical interpreter. Any interpreters (or translators) out there, medical or otherwise? Any advice for becoming licensed or interpreting itself?

to begin with the end in mind

‘Yet there’s no one to beat you, no one to defeat you, except for the thoughts of yourself feeling bad.’ –Bob Dylan

sea change

I feel like I ripped out my aorta and shoved it up my esophagus. ¬†Other times, it’s less bad.

this is the place where time reverses

ventilator blues

the lightness of being


Sometimes I get tired of setting goals. I wish the baby downstairs would shut up and that you would come to me in the dark on the balcony with the blinds closed.


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