Mañana por la tarde vamos a tener nuestro primer examen escrito que trata de un libro escrito por Eric Weitz que se llama A Century of Genocide: Utopias of Race and Nation. Encontré un artículo útil que expresa un punto de vista de mucho valor que sí trata de este libro pero más de los estudios del genocidio en general. Mire estas citas:

“Regarding genocide in the manner of “genocide studies” makes the problem purely one of other societies, not our own. This approach dovetails neatly with the implicit modernization theory in “genocide studies”: genocides occur in societies — “failed states” we often hear today that have experience perverted modernizations. Had they followed the western road to modernity, it is implied, they would not have become totalitarian states and perpetrated genocide on their own or neighboring populations. Leaving aside the fact that this rosy view ignores the fate of Indigenous peoples, it can be identified as a version of what historians of Germany recognize immediately as the now highly suspect Sonderweg approach to comparative historical sociology. Either way, then, the west is regarded as the redeeming power in world affairs, whether as the agent of liberalization or as the cavalry that rescues victims from genocidal elites and their militias in the “Third World”.” –Dirk Moses

y su conclusión:

“In view of the rather poor record of ending genocide, the question needs to be asked why the “genocide studies” paradigm cannot predict and prevent genocides with any accuracy and reliability. The paradigm of “genocide studies,” as currently constituted in North America in particular, has both strengths and limitations. While the moral fervor and public activism is admirable and salutary, the paradigm appears blind to its own implication in imperial projects that are themselves as much part of the problem as they are part of the solution. The US government called Darfur a genocide to appease domestic lobbies, and because the statement cost it nothing. Darfur will end when it suits the great powers that have a stake in the region.”

-Dirk Moses


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