to begin with the end in mind

‘Yet there’s no one to beat you, no one to defeat you, except for the thoughts of yourself feeling bad.’ –Bob Dylan


28 thoughts on “to begin with the end in mind

  1. So few people have the understanding of our roll on this planet, and completely miss the beauty that lays before us, Caught up with our daily struggle to get through the day, without the understanding that every step we take before we were formed in the womb of our mothers, was written in the book of life, if we stopped fighting with our inner opponent (ourselves), All the beauty that is there to be seen , would bring light into the turmoil we endure, We just need to open our eyes, and accept the one sure thing in life, The end is nigh, we just don’t know when,
    When we reach the time when the full stop to this existence looms, most spend their time looking over the things that you never experienced with regret, So be receptive to the beauty that lays before us and live today, leave yesterday in yesterday, and stop pre empting what tomorrow will bring, The end will come when it comes “Try your damndest to be late for that meeting


  2. You are doing some very cool stuff, getting down low and gritty on Earth, and fiddling later with your pictures to pull of the David Lynchean feel of twerked reality as well as your own sense and spin on the weird interference/interface of the natural human world and the puny-made world of little-giant jet planes lost in the heavens haven already taken off.

    Thanks, too, for stopping by my site.

      • Oh, thank you. There are a small group of people whose work surely stands out here (in the little time I’ve been kicking around this space) and yours is definitely there. You are unflinching and fearless and ever so curious about what you yourself see and want to see. It’s exciting and beyond what I imagine and can imagine , so, it becomes important to me.

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