on the road

“You, who are on the road, must have a code that you can live by.”

Tell me, friends, what are your codes?


38 thoughts on “on the road

  1. If you cannot look yourself in the eye when your looking in a mirror, Then your lying to yourself, , no one else can see inside your head, But they can see the way you present yourself, Be honest to yourself, Then being honest to the ones you meet will always be a response, and not a reaction, A response is part of a possitive outlook, A reaction is part of our defence mechanism, two words that are worlds apart, but dictate how people that dont know you will see you,
    A crazy thought process, but i call this living to your values that dictates who you are

  2. Just standing in my truth, my hearts truth…and my world began to change.
    It was then that I realised this journey is all about me…and my ability to find that unconditional love within myself.
    Once found I then realised that I gave out what I had become…I am the love that I always looked for ‘out there’.
    That true love was gently waiting within until I was ready.

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