press on

“My religion has something to do with compost.”

–Ann Elridge


25 thoughts on “press on

  1. And very sorry about your ankle. Hurts like hell. Just wrap a bandage. Not too tight. keep walking. And eventually it will ease away.
    Pronta recuperación!

  2. Not sure I fuly understand the quote but that’s all right. If I read the tag correctly that bridge is in DC?
    Then your “entropy” photo was taken on the terrace of the JFK center?
    (Just been there in May. the tile pattern looks familiar)
    O me equivoqué?

      • I thought as much. Those tiles… made an impression on me. No, I don’t live in DC. We just went to our daughter’s graduation from the Elliott school of int’l affairs at GWU. Spent a few lovely days in DC, where I hadn’t been in years. Very nice. 🙂
        I take it you live in DC?

          • Ok. So you’re Washington… State. Never been there, in my many trips and stays in the US. I have to put it on my travel-to list. I understand it is quite pleasant. Rain notwithstanding. 🙂

              • You do? i’m French. Born in Pakistan, raised in Africa, went to College in France, Grad school in the US and now live in Mexico. But France will always be home. (Despite the weather in Paris)
                Hope your night shifts are better spread now. 🙂

              • And as for loving the rain, I did my Army time in Brittany in the west of France. Rains anda rains and rains… Greener thanIreland.

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