and bob’s your uncle!


“I am the Ghost of Christmas Future Imperfect Conditional, said the Spirit. I bring news of what would have been going to happen, if you were not to have been going to change your ways.”

“Si ojos tienen que no me vean; si manos tienen que no me agarren; no permitas que me sorprendan por la espalda; no permitas que mi muerte sea violenta; no permitas que mi sangre se derrame; Tú que todo lo conoces, sabes de mis pecados, pero también sabes de mi fe, no me desampares, Amén.” – Jorge Franco


12 thoughts on “and bob’s your uncle!

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    • The colts in the yard, placidly grazing and simply immersed in the moment, suggest to me a state of innocence (which horses do live in), a state where there is no sin, no guilt, not any of the thousand and one ills human beings are heir to psychologically speaking. The profuse greenery in which they are immersed is the realm of Nature, the realm which lives through them –they are a manifestation of Nature, just as we are. Yet, like Whitman says, “they do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins.”

      The photograph is a beautiful expression of Nature and reminds me of the tale of Paradise before the Fall.

      Great post!

      Jim Valero

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