IMG_4928“Face your demons, then harness them.” –Jeanette Walls

What have you done, and what will you do?


24 thoughts on “self-transcendence

    • Hi Brian! I’m finally licensed! Thanks for asking. I’m actually mulling over the SWOT as we speak, first time I’ve had the chance to check it out in a long time. I hope to get back to you with questions soon. Thank you again for all the help.

      • A few days ago, I would have said: “Fine, getting ready to pack for Paris”. After the massacre in Nice, I am sort of walking around in a state of dazzled shock. This is too much. It has to stop now. But I will be in Paris in 9 days. And f… the bastards. (Pardon my French) 😉

          • Thank you my friend. I have not canceled or postponed, no way. I will not let those bastards scare me. So I am flying tomorrow. Will land in Paris on Monday. And will live a normal Paris life. I’ll just watch my back. 🙂 Hope to be able to share a few Paris shots. What will you do for the summer?

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