“Silence = Death”

“‘We may take refuge in our stereotypes,’ she said, ‘but we cannot hide there long. Because HIV asks only one thing of those it attacks: Are you human? And this is the right question — are you human? People with HIV have not entered some alien state of being. They are human. They have not earned cruelty and do not deserve meanness. They don’t benefit from being isolated or treated as outcasts. Each of them is exactly what God made: a person, not evil, deserving of our judgment; not victims, longing for our pity.'” – Mary Fisher via David France in How to Survive a Plague.

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” -Mark Twain

13 thoughts on ““Silence = Death”

  1. Great picture. Light in the sunset.
    HIV? Daughter #1 treats many cases, particularly women as an infectologist. Her two main goals: a) Help the patient go back to a normal life. b) protect the baby in case of pregnancy.
    And Mark Twain? he was a brilliant man. Rhyme it does.
    Be good Julia.
    (Feeling any better?)

  2. Such true words, but sad it still has to be rammed down our throats that: treat others as you want to by done by….the message had not sunk in or is willfully ignored. SAD

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