IMG_8456.JPG“Her advice to me was simply ‘People take their cue from you.’ That’s it. If you act like you belong in the room, people will believe that you do. If you act like your opinion matters, others will too. Simple, true, empowering, and life-changing advice. It is applicable for all women in every endeavor we undertake.”

-Jennifer Palmieri, Dear Madam President

5 thoughts on ““arigata-meiwaku”

  1. Hi, so true. It’s my responsibility to portray myself in a manner I would want to be seen, and this changed my interaction with people. I still don’t like crowds but I’m not afraid when I get in one. What you send out is what reflects back. If you are screaming confidence, even when you are not sure what you are doing, people will believe you until you screw it up! Thanks.

    • Hi Ng’ong’a, thanks for sharing your experience and insight! Hope you are still sending out the message you want to send and receiving what you’re looking for in return. Be well. – Julia

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