six feet away

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.”

— Muhammad Ali

9 thoughts on “six feet away

  1. A beautiful combination of light and darkness…
    Peace indeed is what we need.
    If, as I understand you are still at the hospital, be very careful…

      • Hi Julia. Good to hear from you. They’re fine. Lots of stress and work. They’re both infectologists. So they’re front-line for Covid patients. My daughter is at the Cancer institute (Lots of cancer patients are immuno depressed and easy targets) and my son-in-law is a the rehab institute which has been reorganized for Covid… And the figures in Mexico are extremely high… And peaking. I see the figures in the US, they’re daunting too. Respect and gratitude back at you. You are taking all necessary precautions of course? Stay safe Julia dear.

      • I imagined. Had to look for PPE? Protective gear? What do you mean “limitations”? You can’t attend those patients without a full gear. Tell me you have full gear. Please pretty please? 🙏

      • We are, as much as we can… 🙏🏻My wife and I in lockdown for more than 2 months. Haven’t seen our daughters in that long. Miss the grandkids… But, sooner or later this will end. I have faith in that. (Hope it’s not 2 years!!)
        You must take all necessary precautions…

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